Dealbhan Clas 1/2

Pictures from this session.

La spors Clas 1/2

Seo agaibh dealbhan bho’ n diugh.

Here are some pictures from our Sports day today.

Obair saidheans/science experiment

An-diugh bha sinn ag obair le deigh. Bha sinn a’ feuchainn an deigh a’ leaghadh. Chuir sinn cnapan deigh ann an diofair suidheachaidhean gus faicinn cho luath ‘s a bha e a’ leaghadh. Bhuannaich uisge blàth! Abair spòrs!

Today we were working on melting ice in our science experiment. We put the ice under different conditions to see how fast it would melt. The ice in the warm water won! What fun we had!


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Fon mhuir/under the sea

Seo na rudan a tha sinn a’ deanamh ann an cuspair. Nach eil na dealbhan againn snog?

We have been working hard on lots of different topic lessons. Aren’t our pictures lovely?


Cupa Ross County

Fhuair sinn cothrom coimhead air cupa a’ bhuannaich Ross County anns a Mhart.

This afternoon we got a change to see the cup that Ross County won in March.



Abair deagh latha! What a great day!

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Bha madainn sgoinneil againn còmhla ri Andy McKechnie. Rinn sinn tòrr diofair dhannsaichean. Abair spòrs!

What a great morning we had with Andy McKechnie. We learnt lots of fantastic new dances. Lots of fun had by all!


Rinn sinn obair sgoinneil air àireamhan. Coimhead air na dealbhan againn.

We did lots of exciting work on number last week. Have a look at our pictures!


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Fiosrachadh teirm 4


Termly overview p1

t4Termly overview t4 p2

Sports relief

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Abair latha trang! Bha torr spors againn an-diugh a’ deanamh diofair rudan airson Sports Relief. Coimhead na dealbhan againn.

What a busy day we had! We had great fun trying out different sports and activities for Sports Relief. Have a look at our pictures!



Latha mor nan leabhraichean/World Book day

Abair latha! Bha torr rudan sporsail a’ dol, bha a h-uile duine a’ coimhead sgoinneil agus rinn sinn rudan innteanach air thaobh sgriobhadh.

What a great day! There was lots of events happening. Everyone who dressed up looked great and we did lots of interesting work on reading. Sgoinneil!


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